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[icon] Need parenting/preschool teacher advice - Falling Short — LiveJournal
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Subject:Need parenting/preschool teacher advice
Time:03:15 pm
Current Mood:sadsad
Does anyone have suggestions? The kid hates coloring, drawing and writing, now its becoming A Thing, I remember hating this part of school too, I sucked at it and it was made worse because I then never practiced it.

On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 2:54 PM, <amy.teacher@"preschool".com> wrote:


I wanted to let you know that Basil is struggling with his coloring. He does not want to do it and throws a crying fit. I'm trying to take the positive side with him to encourage his coloring but it has failed. To finish his one paper, he had to complete it before he could play at recess. It then only took him minutes to complete. He struggled with the art teacher (Mrs. K) the same way not wanting to paint and did not to get to paint bumble bees. This is not his first day to do this as there were a couple times last week. I will continue to encourage him here at school and if you could do the same on your end at home. Other than the coloring, he is doing great and I love to hear his thoughts!

Thank You,

Bas' teacher


Yes, I am sad but not surprised to hear this problem with Basil and coloring. He seems to have inherited my artistic abilities sadly, I have a Ph.D. now but I always failed art when I was in school!

This is his first time coloring, or painting, in any kind of organized or structured classroom setting. His previous school in California was very laissez-faire / "hippie" about it in that if a child did not want to participate in a structured classroom activity then they were allowed to go play with toys. On the one hand, this is a nice theory, but as you can see, it is a philosophy which has left Bas unprepared for full participation in a classroom setting. I am so sorry you are now bearing the brunt of this problem.

We can try to work on this with him at home too, he does do some drawing and letters with his Dad sometimes. We are open to suggestion on how to fix the problem and we really appreciate your patience with him as he learns that he has to do his work before he can play. We are also really glad for the communication so we can know what he needs help with.

Yours prayerfully, *(ETA its a christian church school)*


ETA: I realized I should be clearer about the problem on here, since I am soft-footing it with his new teacher, but Bas is REALLY strong-willed, and if he doesn't walk to do something he is immovable, and I'm exhausted by his sheer force of will. How do I help him without it turning into a rage battle? I swear this stage is like the terrible twos all over again.
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Time:2010-08-31 01:56 pm (UTC)
DC is persistently pervasively enduringly cool :D

Actually those are two great ideas! He has only ever colored pics of dinos etc at home, and at school they do fairly girly stuff, hmmm, I shall bring in his dino drawing books and see if that helps. It was a bit... like when we went in for orientation all the kids were supposed to sit at their desks and color a picture so the teacher could talk, and I was kinda amazed that they all just sat there and did so. Bas was like, uh yeah right, whole new room of new TOYS, and he was off playing. I guess now the teacher must have frowned on that.
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[icon] Need parenting/preschool teacher advice - Falling Short — LiveJournal
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